Ostwuerttemberg Region …at a Glance

Ostwuerttemberg RegionIn total, 53 cities and municipalities make up the region of Ostwuerttemberg (East Wuerttemberg), a strong location and “Region for Talents and Patents,” located in eastern Baden-Wuerttemberg, in the middle of a triangle formed by Stuttgart, Ulm and Nuremberg.  It has an excellent location and nearly perfect transportation connections, being directly on the Autobahn A7 and in close proximity to the A8.  Certainly, the convenient accessibility of the international airports in Stuttgart and Munich also play a role in the region’s status as a strong location.

The fertile ground for talents and patents in Ostwuerttemberg offers excellent location factors not only for enterprises but also for skilled employees who find it important that, in addition to good career opportunities, they also are offered a high quality of life, a diverse offering of opportunities to further or complete their training and find their talents supported and encouraged.

Support for enterprises in Ostwuerttemberg and for those who would like to relocate to it can find support from the regional economic development promotion association, the WiRO mbH.  The WiRO (pronounced: vee-RO) is not only able to draw from a closely meshed network in its own region, but is also closely connected to activities and networks throughout the state, for example, in the European metropolitan region of Stuttgart or in statewide cluster activities.